Kent State University Twinsburg Campus Project

kent-state-twinsburgThe 44,000 sq. ft. Kent State University Twinsburg facility can accommodate up to 1,500 students and replaces the academic center previously housed on Route 91 in the “Old School,” still owned by the city of Twinsburg. The $13.7 million project was financed by Development Finance Authority of Summit County through the federal Build America Bonds program. The university will lease the building over a 30-year period, at which point it will own it outright.

The state-of-the-art building was completed by Premier Development Partners. The Regional Academic Center is an extension of the university’s Geauga campus which has offered classes in Twinsburg since 1990. The first students were employees of the Chrysler stamping plant who took onsite classes in basic mathematics, shop drawing and basic English, according to David Mohan, dean of the Kent State University at Geauga. As enrollment increased classes were moved to the school building in 1995, and the public was invited to take courses alongside the automotive workers. “This is a remarkable success story,” said David Mohan, dean of the Kent State University at Geauga, adding that Twinsburg had 175 students enrolled in 2004.

The Twinsburg center offers core Kent State courses, two- and four-year degree programs and now, even graduate-level programs. The building boasts large conference rooms in which the university will offer executive-level education and training.