Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment

The Development Finance Authority can offer a company seeking remediation of environmental hazards the opportunity to qualify for public funding, with the DFA serving as applicant. The company functions as our Development Partner, with control of the property throughout the project. Combined state and federal funding can help make your remediation project a success.

Potential Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment

  • Increased value of formerly idle and actively used property
  • Savings from reuse of existing site and infrastructure
  • Preservation of remaining arable land
  • Increased community green space

Funding Sources for Brownfield Redevelopment


  • Development Finance Authority Bonds
  • Tax-Increment Financing (TIF)
  • Remediation Tax credits


For information on the State of Ohio Brownfield assistance contact:

TeamNEO/Cleveland+ – Christine Nelson 216-363-5414


  • Environmental Protection Agency Loans and Grants
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development Funding

Case Studies

Lockheed Martin

NEFCO Summit County Brownfields Program

Summit County Brownfields Program